21 Jun 2018

Using technology to improve the lives of young people

By Jessica

Once again we’re looking for startups that are developing solutions that will significantly improve the lives of young people, particularly the many children facing multiple challenges and hardship in life.

This is part of our ongoing partnership with The Children’s Society, the national children’s charity that has been working for 137 years to support the country’s most vulnerable children and young people.

Together with the Children’s Society we believe that technology can be used to create new products or improve services to better support young people in need – and we’ve backed three startups so far that are making huge progress doing just this.

Ally chatbot helps young people get the critical information they need when at risk of homelessness. It is currently used by housing associations, councils and charities to support vulnerable residents by providing easy access to information and advice that is understandable and tailored to the person’s needs.

Mind Moose is a digital game that teaches children about mental health and wellbeing. It is designed to give young people the skills and tools to improve their resilience, mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Chanua Health are developing Neuro Champions, an AR and VR game to teach young people about the brain and mental health.

We’re currently looking for our next cohort of startups developing solutions to improve the lives of young people. In particular, we are interested in technology solutions to these four challenges:

  • Improving the safety of young people at risk of exploitation (criminal, sexual, labour), both offline and online. Creating safer systems, environments and communities within which vulnerable young people move.
  • Providing greater opportunities for inclusion of young refugees and asylum seeking children in the digital space.
  • Amplifying the voices of young people, giving them agency and transforming systems, policy, behaviours and attitudes.
  • Improving a young person’s ability to share their personal information, data, stories and experiences in a safe and consistent way.

These are critical challenges chosen by The Children’s Society for their potential to impact on the lives of vulnerable young people.

If you’re working on a solution in these areas and you’re interested in finding out more about the BGV accelerator and our partnership with The Children’s Society then get in touch and come to our Q&A event next Monday.

Apply now to our autumn programme. Applications close 8th July.


Image courtesy of The Children’s Society © Stella Scott