22 Jan 2016

Week 2: The Roundup

By Ben

After the extremely busy start to the programme, week 2 was (only just) a little less hectic. The week started off with our first ‘team update’ session. The session was a chance for the teams to reflect on everything they’d done in week one. They brought with them the 3-5 most important goals for the three months they’ll spend on the programme. I was really impressed at some of the ambitious goals that had been set, and look forward to helping the teams achieve them!

Wednesday was the busiest day of the programme this week, and featured a number of really practical sessions for the teams. They started off the morning with an introduction to business models with Paul. This session gave them the chance to think about/review their business models and how to best ensure their venture is financially viable.

We were then joined by Dr. Bostjan Makarovic – founder and CEO at Aphaia – who ran session around data protection and the law. The teams had a lot of questions about their responsibilities, and how they can ensure their users’ data can be adequately protected.

The afternoon session was run by Jess who facilitated a workshop with the teams around key messages. The teams had the chance to brainstorm around ways they could connect with their target audience, and a number of the cohort commented on how they were walking away with fresh ideas they couldn’t wait to test!

The teams have spent the last couple of days working hard applying what they’ve learned so far to their ventures. A number of teams are preparing to go out and test their ideas with potential customers, are working on their key messages, and are mapping out how their service will be experienced by users.

On Monday they’ll be getting 30 minutes of free legal advice from our partners at Keystone law, who will be able to advise them on any issues they are experiencing so far. Bring on week 3!