29 Jan 2016

Week 3: The Wrap Up

By Ben

Another week, another round of exciting workshops and talks. This week the teams have been helping each other out so much, it’s a really supportive environment to be in. I’ve been so impressed with how well the cohort as a whole is gelling.  Also, a quick tip, if you want to pull people into a brainstorming workshop about your product, chocolate chip cookies make an excellent carrot to dangle!

The week started off with the teams having one-on-one legal surgeries with Laurence Relton from Keystone Law. It was a great chance for the teams to ask any burning legal questions they had, and the feedback was that a lot of really productive conversations took place.

On Wednesday BGV alumni Martin Gogov (who was on the programme two years ago with Gnergy) came in and gave a talk based on his experience at BGV and more recently at TransportAPI where he is CTO. The reality is that not every team that comes on the accelerator makes it – and Martin’s honest reflections provided both sides of the startup success story.

That same afternoon we were joined by Matt Webb, a man who purportedly hates sales, to deliver a workshop on, well, sales. Matt’s been a long time mentor on the programme, and the teams had the chance after the session to get his advice on specific questions they had.

On Thursday we welcomed Tessa Wernink from Fairphone to give a special talk. Fairphone was incubated on the first BGV programme and they’ve now grown to a company of over 40 people. They really have had the most incredible journey over the past couple of years. The teams were especially inspired to hear about how Fairphone’s social mission has remained at the core of everything they do.

The teams have a lot to reflect on over the weekend. Next week they will have more workshops and great guest talks, but they’ll mostly be hard at work on their startups as we’re swiftly moving through the programme. On to week four!