13 Feb 2016

Week 5: The Wrap Up

By Ben

It’s the end of week five already, and the teams are rapidly finding out that time is a scarce, scarce commodity. This week we’ve been joined by user experience experts, a multinational startup founder and a multinational advisory and accounting firm… oh, and did I mention we launched our own YouTube channel? #pleasesubscribe

The week started off as usual with team updates, and it was great hearing how much progress the teams continue to make. One of the startups had a new hire, there were loads of interesting meetings being held, and plenty of asks from the teams to take to the BGV community.

Wednesday morning we had KPMG (pictured) come in and give one-to-one tax advice, trying to demystify a little bit how to take on new staff, working with contractors, and the responsibilities one has as a founder. The teams took full advantage of their expertise, and were really able to dig down into the issues they were facing.

That afternoon Colin Tate – a user persuasion expert came in to talk about how to create the perfect website. He asked one simple question – what is the one thing you want someone to do when they visit your page? He wanted teams to make that thing as easy as possible from a user perspective.

It could be a slightly uncomfortable process for the teams having their website placed under such scrutiny, but they left with some really positive ideas of how to make their website more effective.

Finally this week we were joined by Rebecca Bright – Founder of Therapy Box – to talk about her journey from starting a business around a kitchen table to now working across multiple continents and languages. Her insights were fascinating, and the teams left the session feeling empowered to move forward on their own journey.

So it was a busy week all round. Next week we are at the halfway mark and the teams will begin pitch practice, learn how to measure their impact, and have a workshop on community management. Stay tuned…