22 Feb 2016

Week 6: The Wrap Up

By Ben

It’s the end of week 6 and it’s crazy to think we are over halfway through the programme, the time is absolutely hurtling by. It’s been a busy week for the teams programme wise, with a session on impact measurement with Eibhlin Ni Ogain from Nesta, a pitching workshop with BGV, and a community management workshop with experts from Talklife and Club Soda.

Eibhlin began her session on measuring social impact by taking the teams through their grand vision for the change they’d like to see happen. The teams then were encouraged to think about what intermediate steps along the way could make this possible – building their ‘theory of change’. The session was wrapped up by looking at ways the teams could track their progress, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

That afternoon the teams had their first pitching workshop. It was the beginning of the road to Demo Day, and naturally the teams were a little nervous. They’ll have plenty of chances to practice and refine their pitch before the big event, and all the teams did really well at their first attempt.

On Thursday we had a community management workshop with Jamie from Talklife, and Laura and Jussi from Club Soda. It was a fascinating insight in how to build and maintain a strong community that is more than just a Twitter following. A strong community can be the lifeblood of your business.

So we’re another week, another Founder Friday down. Next week we have a usability testing workshop with Rose Rees Jones from web development agency dxw, and more pitch practice! Over the coming weeks as we close in on Demo Day, we’ll be doing less wrap ups and more startup profiles as the focus shifts from workshops to the teams.

Until next time!