06 Sep 2012

Week 7: MyPolice, Twitter tales and Where Good Ideas Come From

By Lily

It’s all go at BGV HQ here at Campus. A few highlights from the last week include:

  • Sarah Drummond coming down from from Glasgow to talk to us about MyPolice and Snook , the service design agency she started after attending a Social Innovation Camp in 2007. She described how success has come from a strange combination of hard work and serendipitous mishaps.
  • Blaine Cook talking to the teams about the beginnings of Twitter (he was lead developer) and demoing his new startup which got everybody excited.
  • We also ran a Social Innovation Camp Meetup on how technology startups can get involved in social care. Read more about it here.
  • Colin Tate from Nemawashi giving the teams a workshop on user conversion that went on for four hours and left everyone furiously working on their websites to get buttons in the right place.
  • And finally, last night our Startup Book group on Steven Johnson’s “Where Good Ideas Come From” was small but lively, and provoked lots of really interesting discussion. You can read more about it on Kirsty Joan’s Blog and on the NonFicition Book Club.