06 Feb 2015

Welcome aboard Fran and Giles

By Paul

We’re very, very pleased to welcome two new members to the BGV Board. First up (and we’re a little late on this one, she actually joined in October) is Francine Bennett, CEO of Mastodon C. Mastodon C were in our Summer 2012 cohort and have gone on to be one of our most successful teams. Before founding Mastodon C, Fran worked at a variety of search engines including Google and is also a trustee of DataKind in the UK. She also pops up on the Today Programme.

Secondly we’re really pleased to have Giles Andrews join the board as Chair. Giles is co-founder and CEO of Zopa, the world’s first and Europe’s largest peer-to-peer lending site. They now handle 2% of new UK personal loans and all done through the magic of technology. Before that Giles worked in the car business where he co-founded Caverdale which grew to £250 million in revenues. Giles has such a wealth of experience as a founder and of the investment world that we’re sure he’ll be really helpful.

We’re hoping that, along with our existing Board members Dan and Joe, they’ll keep us on the straight and narrow. We’ve doubled in size every year for the last four years and have exciting plans for the next few years too. With growth come challenges and that’s where a good Board can really add value.