30 May 2019

Workertech unconference – exploring the future of fair work

By Dama Sathianathan

What does the future of fair work look like and how can technology help to improve the prospects and power of workers?

Latest statistics from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation show that four million workers in the UK are living in poverty, with the number of people in work living in poverty increasing faster than employment. Additionally, employees across many industries are working in jobs with insecure hours and limited to no prospects for progression or learning. Too often we forget about the intersectionality of things and unintended consequences current trends and technologies might bear on today’s and future workforces.

That is why we believe new approaches that use tech to increase the support for workers from all walks of life are needed – and possible.


A WorkerTech unconference

We’re running a WorkerTech unconference as part of London Tech Week, bringing together a community of people to discuss new approaches, share learnings, successes and failures, dive deeper into different facets of the gig economy, and more.

Join us on 10th June by telling us a bit more about yourself and help shape the agenda of the day. Sign up to the event here. If you can’t make the unconference, but find yourself free that evening, then join us for our regular WorkerTech meetup.


Get funding and support for your WorkerTech venture

Through our WorkerTech partnership with the Resolution Trust and Accenture UK, we’re looking for ventures using technology to tackle some of the biggest problems facing workers today.

So far, we’ve invested in Organise, Labour xchange, Workerbird and Earwig and have met some amazing individuals and teams through our WorkerTech meetups. We’re now looking to invest in the next batch of ventures boosting workers prospects and powers through technology. If that’s you, then apply now for investment and an intensive three-month support programme kicking off in Autumn 2019.