12 Sep 2014

You are invited to our Launch Night!

By Vicky

It has been another exciting summer at Bethnal Green Ventures and we would like to invite you to our launch night where our 11 latest teams will be pitching their new and exciting social ventures. Come and hear all about it!

The Before I Die Network – a peer-to-peer network to help unemployed graduates find advice and support to pursue inspiring long–term careers.

Kutoa – a low cost, flat-pack medium sized wind turbine that is easy to deploy in places that don’t yet have electricity.

Change Alert – a reusable electronic sensor and digital platform to help carers and professionals know when older people with incontinence need changing.

Sincuru – a marketplace for unwanted agricultural produce that helps reduce food waste.

Supa Academy – a platform which helps young people start their own businesses.

Talklife – an app-based mental health peer support group for young people.

TreePress – an online marketplace that enables teachers and others to obtain the rights to plays – particularly from independent writers.

Walacea – crowdfunding for scientific projects with a vision to engage the public in a unique learning experience when they back projects they are inspired by.

Wevolver – a platform for makers and educators to share projects and collaborate on hardware, including robotics and electronics.

Written Medicine – a simple online system to help pharmacists automatically provide pharmacy labels in a variety of languages

Tech For Good TV – a media platform about technology that changes the world.

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