WorkerTech partnership

We’ve partnered with Resolution Trust and Accenture UK to fund and support ambitious ideas for using technology to improve the lives of low wage workers.

Employment is at a record high yet the UK has a large and growing low-wage economy, with 6 million workers earning less than the Living Wage. Self-employment, agency based work and jobs in the ‘gig economy’ are on the rise, leaving large parts of the workforce with insecure hours and limited prospects of progression.

We believe a new generation of pro-worker innovation is needed, and that technology could be used to help increase bargaining power, boost pay, curb insecurity and make ‘flexibility’ beneficial for workers as well as employers.

We’re supporting ventures that:

  • Improve pay (whether through stronger bargaining, reduced contributions to agencies or fewer breaches of the law such as on the National Minimum Wage)
  • Improve access to skills, pensions, advice and the opportunity to progress at work
  • Provide greater economic security and personal control – for instance over hours worked
  • Allow pooling of information among workers that can be used to improve their conditions and choices (e.g. for platform workers)