Partnering with The Children’s Society

We’ve partnered with The Children’s Society to fund and support ideas for using technology to improve the experiences of vulnerable young people.

It is a painful fact that too many children and young people living in this country aren’t getting the help they deserve – too often their problems are ignored and their voices are unheard.

We’re looking for ventures that will increase a young person’s skills and resourcefulness to overcome barriers and succeed in life. In particular, we are interested in technology solutions to these four challenges:

  1. Improving the safety of young people at risk of exploitation (criminal, sexual, labour), both offline and online. Creating safer systems, environments and communities within which vulnerable young people move.
  2. Providing greater opportunities for inclusion of young refugees and asylum seeking children in the digital space.
  3. Amplifying the voices of young people, giving them agency and transforming systems, policy, behaviours and attitudes.
  4. Improving a young person’s ability to share their personal information, data, stories and experiences in a safe and consistent way.


“We know there is huge potential to use technology to improve the lives of vulnerable young people. The Children’s Society is extremely pleased to partner with Bethnal Green Ventures to fund and support tech startup teams with early ideas, to have a greater impact on the lives of young people facing many serious problems”.– Kirsten Naudé, Head of Investment and Partnerships, The Children’s Society

Photo courtesy of The Children’s Society (c) Laura McCluskey