Tech For Good SEIS & EIS Fund

Tech For Good
BGV's Fund for high-net-worth and sophisticated investors.

Applications to invest in our most recent SEIS/EIS fund are now closed, but you can register your interest for future funds below.
Our Fund for individuals is the first and only of its kind with a 100% focus on tech for good startups.
Investing for returns and impact
The Tech For Good SEIS and EIS Fund takes advantage of BGV's brand, experience and track record of nearly a decade investing in tech for good.

We back ambitious startups using technology to intentionally tackle pressing social and environmental issues at scale. Founders are purpose-driven, developing solutions for a sustainable planet, a better society and healthy lives. Better solutions in these sectors are not only a good thing for people and planet, but also provide huge market opportunities.

BGV believes that tech for good businesses will become some of the most valuable companies within the next ten years. Our purpose as an early-stage investor is to find those ventures when they're just starting out, and help them launch and scale.

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Fund strategy
The Tech For Good SEIS & EIS Fund strategy is to source investments from our tried and tested accelerator programme and from companies within our existing portfolio.
Financial returns
Targeting companies with the potential for high-growth and significant investment.
A diversified portfolio of companies balanced across investment themes and business models.
Deal flow
Access to high quality investment opportunities through BGV's established brand, reputation and extensive network.
Portfolio support
Companies benefit from BGV's intensive accelerator programme, and life-long venture support.
12-Month deployment
Capital intended to be fully deployed in 12-18 months, subject to management approval.
Benefit from SEIS and EIS tax reliefs such as 50% and 30% upfront income tax relief, capital gains relief and loss relief.
Who can apply
The Fund is only available to investors who meet specific criteria as 'high-net-worth investor' or 'sophisticated investor' and are eligible to be treated as professional clients.
Minimum investment
The Fund's minimum investment is £20,000.
Target portfolio size
The Fund aims to invest in 20+ companies, with a minimum of 10.
Measurable and meaningful impact
As an individual, it can sometimes be hard to know how to do good with your money.
Investing in purpose-driven companies at an early-stage can be one of the most effective ways for investors to have impact. Providing venture capital to tech for good companies gives ambitious solutions an opportunity to launch and grow which may not have been possible otherwise.

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Solving real problems
Our ventures are solving for needs not wants.
We back solutions under three themes - a sustainable planet, a better society and healthy lives. Some of the areas we invest in are: net-zero carbon transition, circular economy, sustainable infrastructure, air pollution, education, fair work, financial inclusion, democracy, social care, mental health, ageing population.
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