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    education/ sustainability/ health
    Mental Snapp

    Mental Snapp is a video diary app that gives people the skills to manage their mental health effectively. Users can record diary entries, tag feelings and rate their mood.

    Go to Mental Snapp
    The Local Electricity Project

    The Local Electricity Project supplies tools and knowledge to people without electricity, so that they can build their own electricity generators, using recycled motors and local resources.

    Go to The Local Electricity Project
    Dual Good

    Dual Good are developing a virtual reality app for accurate CPR training that provides real-time feedback in a variety of scenarios.

    Organise Platform

    The Organise Platform helps women to share their ideas for better workplaces and work with colleagues to push them to become a reality.

    Go to Organise Platform
    The Hard Yard

    Tough workouts, designed and led by people who have been in prison.

    Go to The Hard Yard
    Atticus Link

    An online platform unifying pro-bono efforts in the UK to improve access to legal advice for all.

    How Do I?

    How Do I? is an app that makes step-by-step life skill videos accessible to people with additional needs, creating more inclusive homes, schools and workplaces.

    Go to How Do I?

    A citizen engagement platform that provides a fact checked spectrum of views on an issue.


    Worktu connects schools directly with experienced supply teachers through an online booking system and app.

    Go to Worktu
    Transport Together

    Transport Together matches community groups' needs for accessible transport with providers’ spare capacity.

    Go to Transport Together
    Simulation Sense

    SimulationSense teaches doctors diagnostic skills through digital simulation, making medical education more accessible and affordable.

    Immersive Rehab

    Immersive Rehab creates physical rehabilitation exercises in virtual reality that improve patient recovery.

    Go to Immersive Rehab
    Health Make Space

    Health Make Space is a networking platform that allows clinicians and SMEs to work together on innovations in the NHS.

    Go to Health Make Space

    e-ccommodate.com allows separated parents to make child-care arrangements safely.

    Go to E-ccommodate
    Data Campfire

    Data Campfire is a community based learning platform that encourages people to learn about data science.

    Go to Data Campfire

    Chatterbox is an online language learning service that trains and employs refugees as language tutors.

    Go to Chatterbox

    BriteLives.com is the place where you can find and review local and personal services for older people.

    Go to BriteLives

    Babihub uses wearable technology to encourage toddlers to play in safe and engaging areas.

    Go to Babihub

    Alice SI uses blockchain technology to help charities raise funds based on impact.

    Go to Alice.SI

    Mycarematters is a secure online platform that allows people to upload their nonmedical needs and preferences.

    Go to Mycarematters
    Route 21

    Route21 is a hub that helps young people discover, review and apply for opportunities, to help unlock their potential.


    Willow is an online Funeral Director that helps you make the right choices for you and your loved ones.

    Go to Willow

    PlaqueChecker is an app where you can track, monitor and diagnose the health of your teeth and gums.

    Go to Plaquechecker

    Plexus is an app that helps people overcome mental health problems in the workplace, helping make work open to all.

    Go to Plexus

    Logameal helps people nurture healthier eating habits – just by taking photos of what they eat.

    Go to Logameal

    PkBoo is an app that helps parents to build meaningful friendships and prevent some of the key causes of postnatal depression.

    Go to pkBoo
    Democracy Club

    Democracy Club helps voters get the information they need.

    Go to Democracy Club
    Bright Little Labs

    Bright Little Labs make interactive kids stories to inspire a fairer world.

    Go to Bright Little Labs

    An online library of living resources to support the Primary Computing Curriculum

    Go to Lessonate

    An online exchange that brings together government suppliers and local civic projects to create social value

    Go to Firesouls

    An ethical digital service where tenants and landlords can connect directly and close deals around the best rent price

    Go to RentSquare
    Position Dial

    A new way of exploring your political position, seeing the different sides of issues you care about and making your views count

    Go to Position Dial
    UK Flood Network

    Smart hardware and a data platform to create low cost flood monitoring and warning systems


    A multiplayer maths games for primary school children – making maths fun and interactive


    A music-making app that helps people to communicate their feelings and emotions when they're experiencing grief and loss

    Go to Cove
    E Fridge Magnet

    eFridgemagnet is a sensor inbuilt into a fridge magnet, designed to support older people to live in their own home and retain their independence

    Go to E Fridge Magnet

    A digital platform to improve communication between paid carers, volunteers and family members in domiciliary care

    Go to Konnektis
    Project Tide

    A diagnostic test strip reader app to help improve the diagnosis of TB, and a technology platform for improving the accuracy of reading strip tests

    Run an Empire

    Run An Empire encourages people to get physically active through a playful, free-to-play, massively-multiplayer running game.

    Go to Run an Empire

    OurPath is a smartphone application that coaches and motivates diabetes patients to live a healthier lifestyle.

    Go to OurPath
    Health VR

    Health VR creates virtual reality experiences for use in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

    Go to Health VR

    imin is a data platform that will allow and encourage groups and individuals to access all sports and leisure activities everywhere.

    Go to imin

    Hospify is the contact directory and social network for the entire NHS. It is a social tool that enables simple, fast and direct communication between all NHS employees.

    Go to Hospify

    GroupU is an online tool that maximises individual student progress through effective classroom collaboration, while leading teachers to think deeply about their own practice. It is a power tool for planning and delivering outstanding lessons.

    Go to GroupU
    Club Soda

    Club Soda wants to support you to change your drinking, whether you want to cut-down, stop for a bit or quit. Set goals, monitor progress, nudges and rewards, events and community plus expert help.

    Go to Club Soda

    Birdsong is an online marketplace that supports women’s charities by curating and selling fashion products made by disadvantaged women.

    Go to Birdsong

    Biblio is an online bibliotherapy service that will provide personalised “book prescriptions” to help people find new perspectives on problems

    Go to Biblio

    Aparito is a platform that utilises wearable technology to improve data collection for children that take part in clinical trials.

    Go to Aparito
    Tech for Good TV

    A media platform for stories about tech doing good

    Go to Tech for Good TV
    Written Medicine

    Increasing access to health & medical information for all patients

    Go to Written Medicine

    Wevolver is a platform to explore and share open source technology

    Go to Wevolver

    Walacea is a crowdfunding platform for scientific research

    Go to Walacea

    TreePress is an online marketplace and community, connecting the people who are writing scripts with the teachers and schools who need them

    Go to TreePress

    TalkLife is a peer-to-peer support network for young people to talk about the struggles of living with a mental health condition.

    Go to TalkLife
    Supa Academy

    Supa Academy allows young people to learn how to set up and run their own businesses.


    ChangeAlert has developed a new warning device which alerts carers when adult pads need to be changed.

    Before I Die Network

    A peer to peer community of young people, supporting each other to reach their wildest ambitions. 


    Kutoa is developing small-scale flat pack wind turbines, which can be easily transported to, and deployed in, logistically challenging off-grid communities in developing countries.


    Using 3D scanning and printing to drastically improve orthotic services for children.

    Go to Andiamo
    Benkyo Player

    Helping students get more out of video learning.

    Go to Benkyo Player

    A place to discuss and discover actions which lead to change

    Go to CauseHub

    Commonplace is a digital citizen platform that increases community engagement tenfold

    Go to Commonplace

    Take control of your appointments Quick and convenient online appointment booking at your local UK hospital

    Go to DrDoctor

    Use your networks to buy and sell without money

    Go to eBarts

    A seriously cool smartphone that puts social values first

    Go to Fairphone
    Flip Yourself

    Flip Yourself gives young people a 21st century platform to showcase their strengths to employers.

    Go to Flip Yourself

    Points-powered swaps

    Go to Flooting

    Fluency is a learning platform that helps young people get digital to get into work.

    Go to Fluency

    GoodGym helps you get fit by doing good. We’re a group of runners that combines regular exercise with helping our communities.

    Go to Goodgym
    Hear Today

    Hear Today - A better tomorrow

    Go to Hear Today

    Homely makes energy saving in your home easy.

    Go to Homely
    I Can Make

    Build the future with icons from the past

    Go to I Can Make
    Mastodon C

    Mastodon C analyse big data on zero carbon infrastructure.

    Go to Mastodon C
    Municipality Tools
    Go to Municipality Tools
    Open Utility

    Energy with a story. Buy your energy from the people and organisations you care about.

    Go to Open Utility

    Playlab London creates games which produce measurable positive social change.

    Go to Playlab
    See What I Mean

    A speech to image communication tool for people with dementia.

    Go to See What I Mean

    Wearable sensors for healthy ageing

    Go to Sentimoto

    An online community helping mums improve their tech knowledge and skills.

    Go to TechMums

    Educational and immersive games for school children.

    Go to Trackwall

    one tap | have your say | get change

    Go to voXup
    Wall Display

    Wall Display is a digital classroom display

    Go to Wall Display

    Powerful collaboration tools for scientists

    Go to Overleaf

    A temperature activated personal safety monitoring and alert system for the fire services.

    Go to Gnergy
    Homeless SMS

    Homeless SMS is a social enterprise developing the Social Messaging Support service for socially isolated people and organisations.

    Go to Homeless SMS