The Big Idea

Our aim with Bethnal Green Ventures is to find and support the most talented startup founders and help them create technology based solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems.

We want to connect the small teams of founders we select to experienced people who have done it before and who are keen to help more people do the same. Our network of founders includes engineers, designers and entrepreneurs as well as people with personal experience and expertise in the problems we’re trying to solve. As time goes on, the founders we select will go on to support future generations.

We’ll help founders put to use all the amazing technologies that have already been developed and create new ones. There’s never been a better time to stand on the shoulders of giants. The tools available today are better and cheaper to use than ever before.

We want to demonstrate that solutions don’t have to be expensive or top-down and that a small group of talented people can reimagine how social problems are addressed without the need for large amounts of government funding. We want to demonstrate that with some smart thinking, we can use startups as a vehicle to solve social problems.

If we get it right, in five years time we will have helped create a group of hundreds of founders – all working on solving social problems. Some of them will have built huge new businesses and BGV will have seen the upside of that through our stakes in them becoming valuable. Many will have failed once and will be trying again. Others will be putting to use the entrepreneurial approach they learned through BGV in larger organisations.

We hope BGV will have an impact even wider than the people it helps directly. It will be an inspiration to others to build social ventures that will go on to help millions of people. If we succeed, people who experience a social problem, won’t wait for government, big business or a charity to solve the problem for them, they’ll have the confidence and role models to start doing something about it themselves.