Our principles

Our principles reflect our values and guide the BGV team, the founders we work with and our wider community.

Be early

We’re always ready to be imaginative and see the potential in emerging technologies and interesting or unusual solutions.

Understand the problem

We actively seek to understand what challenges people and society are facing. We encourage our community to start with user needs and identify what that means for the design of solutions.

Don’t ponder, do

We’re not afraid to get things wrong. We try to test hypotheses as soon as possible and learn from both our successes and our failures.

Be part of something bigger

We’re proud to be part of the tech for good community and we’ll do what we can to support and grow the movement.

Be generous​

We actively look for ways to help others where possible. It strengthens our community and creates a supportive culture.

Champion diversity

We celebrate the radical approaches generated by diversity. The more diverse we are, the more we are able to understand the issues we’re tackling.

Be responsible

We aim to always act with integrity, fairness, and respect. We try to understand our impact and any unintended consequences.

Take the long view

We understand that there are no quick fixes for changing difficult real world problems; but we’re optimistic, patient and here for the long haul.

Be open: it makes things better

We want to share what we’re doing whenever we can. With colleagues, with our peers, with the world. We share successes, ideas, intentions, and failures. We seek feedback and learn from each other.


Last updated: 26 January 2018