What we’re looking for

We look for talented teams with ideas for using technology to radically improve millions of lives.

Investment focus

We invest broadly in tech for good, but we are particularly interested in startups that address the following challenges:

  • Affordable, accessible health and social care
  • Effective education and employability
  • Climate change, resource efficiency and conservation of the environment
  • Civic participation, maintenance and advancement of democracy
  • Empowering vulnerable young people, improving health and wellbeing and giving them the tools to thrive
  • Pro-worker innovation for the low-wage economy, solutions that increase bargaining power, boost pay and curb work insecurity

Investment criteria

At the accelerator stage we select teams based on:

The team

  • A talented team (more than 1 person) of diverse founders with a strong commitment to a shared vision and mission
  • A strong understanding of the problem and the market they will be operating in
  • Technical experience within the team

The idea

  • An innovative idea with some evidence of its merits and how it would solve the problem
  • A clear hypothesis of how to produce, sell and distribute the solution

The potential for impact

  • A strong ambition to scale and positively impact millions of lives