20 Sep 2019

Announcing our Autumn 2019 cohort of tech for good ventures

By Dama Sathianathan

It feels just like yesterday that we finished our Spring 2019 programme, but we’re beyond pleased to announce our latest cohort of teams using technology for good! The ventures joining our Autumn 2019 programme range from companies tackling the climate crisis we’re in, to helping people with visual impairments to live independently, to companies enabling people from all walks of life become well and stay healthy. Twelve amazing teams embarking on their journey to build, launch and scale their tech for good businesses. Here they are: 



#AskUltra is an A.I chatbot for children aged 8-14 that teaches entrepreneurship and related skills such as financial literacy, technology and creativity in a fun, engaging, effective way. 


Circle Squared

Circle Squared mine company CSR information and use algorithms to turn that data into simplified company ratings, helping consumers make informed decisions about services and products. 


Compact Cane

Compact Cane is the first digital white cane empowering people with visual impairments to use a more discreet mobility aid. 



Devie is a chatbot helping parents from low-income and underrepresented backgrounds with information to address the gaps in early childhood development. 


Helsa Wellness

Helsa is a platform providing tailored support and referrals for the LGBTQ+ community to find services addressing common mental health issues. 



inhabit help citizens navigate the world of sustainability with a carbon offset API to make informed decisions about reducing one’s harmful impact on the environment and a community with helpful resources to ensure a sustainable planet. 


Mini Mealtimes

The Mini Mealtimes app gives parents information on the nutritional value of their children’s meals and eating habits, supporting them on their journey to address the nutritional needs of their children in a non-judgemental way. 


My Community Capital

My Community Capital are tackling social isolation and loneliness through  a platform that enables its members to connect and co-design social activities in their local area matching their shared interests. 



So-Ra are tackling indoor air pollution through a product that provides actionable context aware solutions through specific indoor air issues using AI. 



Supported through our WorkerTech partnership with the Resolution Trust and Accenture UK

Tendo is a skills passport for frontline workers enabling low-income workers get accreditation for transferable skills.  



Supported through our partnership with the Children’s Society

Ticketbank is a  ‘digital food bank for tickets’ increasing access to cultural events for marginalised people and reducing the financial and social barriers for attendance. 



Supported through our WorkerTech partnership with the Resolution Trust and Accenture UK

Upskill provides young people with the skills of the future, so that no one is left behind in the ever-changing future of work. 


As always, we’re excited to see what they’ll learn and share throughout the programme, but if you’d like to get involved and support the teams, then feel free to drop us a line