16 Sep 2020

Announcing our Autumn 2020 cohort

By Dama Sathianathan

We’re delighted to announce the teams of our Autumn 2020 cohort today. These tech for good businesses joined our cohort from a pool of more than 230+ applicants and we’re excited to welcome them to the BGV community. 

Running a virtual programme in a time of COVID-19 has enabled us to double down in our efforts to deliver a valuable programme. We’re excited to help these businesses launch and scale, and provide them with an online space to come together in a peer-support driven environment, because let’s face it, being an early-stage founder in times of coronavirus can be hard. 

The current crisis and recent events have only highlighted the systemic challenges we face as a society and we’re pleased to welcome a cohort of companies using technology to create a sustainable planet and build back for a better society and healthy lives.

For the first time we’ve also asked founders at the application stage to provide us with diversity data. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog digging deeper into our data and more context on the founders who join us today. 


Meet the class of Autumn 2020


Founders: Varun Bhanot, Sunil Jindal

Impact areas: A Better Society

Balance helps employees take control of their earnings and help level the playing field for low-income workers to avoid debt, save and budget stress-free. 

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



Founders: Guy Monson, Mike Coombes

Impact areas: A Sustainable Planet, Healthy Lives

CompAir developed a small, portable, low-cost electronic device that measures air pollution around you helping users take simple, active steps to reduce the amount of air pollution they produce and are exposed to. 

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



Founders: Sabrina Gill, Ahmed Babikir

Impact areas: A Sustainable Planet

Envaluate leverages open banking technology and helps users track their carbon footprint to lead a greener life.

Website | Twitter | Linkedin | Instagram | Facebook



Founders: Limahl Asmall, Jonathan Dewey

Impact areas: Healthy Lives

IBS coach is an evidence-based digital therapy effective at reducing or eliminating the symptoms of IBS, simplifying and scaling the complex treatment to make it accessible and affordable for people suffering from IBS.

Website | Twitter | Linkedin | Instagram | Facebook


Life Lessons

Founders: Nicole Rodden, Jamie O’Connell

Impact area: A Better Society

The Life Lessons web platform features a full curriculum of original video content with assessment and discussion tools. Topics include sex and relationships, mental health, racial discrimination, bullying and body image.

Website | Linkedin | Instagram 


Oto Health

Founders: Edmund Farrar, George Leidig, Jameel Muzaffar

Impact areas: Healthy Lives

Oto Health is a mobile application that combines easy hearing health tracking with digital treatments for tinnitus and hearing loss. 

Website | Twitter | Linkedin| Facebook


Plant Pack

Founders: Miranda Essex, Tom King

Impact area: A sustainable Planet

Plant Pack offers high-quality, affordable plants online through tech-enabled recommendations, coupled with tailored learning pathways and a community hub that connects customers and helps them measure their impact. 

Website | Instagram 



Founder: Catherine McArthur

Impact areas: A Better Society

ThirdShift is a mobile application that helps its users manage and value household work so they can create equality, improve wellbeing and reduce conflict and help households distribute work more fairly. 

Website | Twitter | Linkedin| Facebook