18 Jun 2014

Announcing our Summer Cohort!

By Lily

Please wish a warm welcome to Bethnal Green Ventures Summer 2014 cohort!

Olivia Comberti and team are building The Before I Die Network, a peer-to-peer network to help unemployed graduates find advice and support to pursue inspiring long–term careers.

Kar Xeng Chan, Karim Gharaibeh, Bruno Howard, Hendrik Löbberding, Ahmad Nawab and Sangeet Shah have invented Kutoa  – a  low cost, flat-pack medium sized wind turbine that is easy to deploy in places that don’t yet have electricity.

Alberto Muñoz and Monica Rodriguez will be prototyping Siempre Secos (aka Always Dry) – a reusable electronic sensor and digital platform to help carers and professionals know when older people with incontinence need changing.

Steve Amara and team are building Sincuru a marketplace for unwanted agricultural produce that helps reduce food waste.

Bejay Mulenga and Liam Tootill are the team behind Supa Academy, a platform which helps young people start their own businesses.

Jamie Druitt, Andrew Montesi and Jacob White will be scaling Talk Life, an app-based mental health peer support group for young people.

Laura Fisher, Adrienne Ferguson and Anthony Holland are developing TreePress, an online marketplace that enables teachers and others to obtain the rights to plays – particularly from independent writers.

Natalie Jonk, Helen Bailey, Michael Motskin, Tristan Copley-Smith and Haroon Khan will be experimenting with Walacea: crowdfunding for scientific projects with a vision to engage the public in a unique learning experience when they back projects they are inspired by.

Bram Geenen and Ries Hulskes are growing Wevolver, a platform for makers and educators to share projects and collaborate on hardware, including robotics and electronics.

Last but not least, Murtada Alsaif, Ghalib Khan and Tucker McGaw are building Written Medicine, a simple online system to help pharmacists automatically provide pharmacy labels in a variety of languages