16 Sep 2015

BGV S15 Demo Day!

By Jessica

We’re really excited to be launching the 10 tech for good startups from our summer accelerator at a special Demo Day event tonight at DigitasLBi in London.

These startups are using technology to tackle problems in the areas of health, education, sustainability and democracy and society – from new mobile health diagnostic tools for use in the developing world, to a network of sensors that will improve flood defences in towns and cities, to a music making app that young people can use to improve their emotional health – the full list of startups can be found below.

We’ve been working with these teams over the past 12 weeks, providing intensive mentoring, workshops (pictured) and support. This is the seventh cohort we’ve supported since first piloting the accelerator in 2011. Since then we’ve supported 65 startups, of which 54 are still active. We’ve invested over £1,000,000 since then and 60% of those startups have raised follow on funding – a whopping £12.5 million between them.

The 10 startups launching at Bethnal Green Ventures Demo Day tonight are:

Cove: an app that allows for the communication of emotions through expressive music making. Initially targeted at young people experiencing grief and loss, Cove acts as a musical journal that teenagers can use to create music that captures their mood and expresses how they really feel.

eFridgeMagnet: a connected device that lets friends and family know about their older relatives by unobtrusively monitoring how they are using their fridge. By tracking the everyday behaviour of opening and closing the fridge, eFridgeMagnet provides an affordable and simple solution to help families monitor their loved one’s activity and health.

Firesouls: digital products to get more resources into local communities. The main product is the Social Value Exchange, an online platform that gets more resources into community projects by matching them with large government suppliers – making use of the Social Value Act in public sector procurement.

Flood Network: a distributed network of low-cost flood sensors that collects data to help predict flooding and improve flood defences in towns and cities.

Konnektis: a digital record-keeping service which encourages better communication between carers of older people. It replaces hand-written paper notes with a tablet device that stays in the home and is used by all carers, providing better real time information about the older person’s needs.

Lessonate: an online service for teaching materials that will encourage teachers to improve and share lesson plans, focusing first on the primary computing curriculum.

Mathscraft: multiplayer maths games where children compete and collaborate with each other to solve maths problems.

PositionDial: an online service to help people live in line with their values – giving them the information they need to be able to buy, campaign and vote in line with the issues they care about.

Project Tide: an app that improves the accuracy and impact of healthcare diagnostics in developing countries. The first disease it is focusing on is tuberculosis. Project Tide’s strip reader app will work on any smartphone or tablet device with a camera and will provide greater accuracy in identifying patients who have TB

RentSquare: an ethical digital service where tenants and landlords can connect directly around the best rent prices.

Follow the hashtag #bgvs15 for updates throughout the night!