16 Jul 2012

BGV Summer 2012 kicks off

By Lily



We’re delighted to announce two things today. Firstly we can now tell you about the six teams selected for the Summer 2012 Bethnal Green Ventures programme. They are:

FairPhone – Bas van Abel, Miquel Ballester Salva, Sacha van Tongeren

Creating the first fair mobile phone in the world, from the raw materials all the way through the supply chain to when the handset is recycled.

GNERGY – Martin Gogov, Anton Gavrailov, Miroslav Bratanov and Vladimir Dimchev

Create software for easy, fast and powerful energy auditing of buildings.

Mastodon C – Francine Bennett and Bruce Durling

Make cloud computing massively greener, by sending work to the most carbon-efficient location at any given time.

Municipality Tools – Martin Sookael and Raido Aasoja

Build apps that help citizens and businesses connect and communicate with local government.

Pad Partners – Jamie Young,  Seb Junemann

Help people who want to make their homes more energy efficient find advice and support from their social networks.

Semantic Health – Tom Whicher, Perran Pengelly and Rinesh Amin

Changing the way patients communicate with the NHS, putting them in control of their appointments and increasing choice.
The second thing is that we’re very pleased to announce that Google have very kindly provided us with our own space. It’s at Google Campus in Shoreditch and all the teams will be working here from for the next three months. We moved in today and already we love it.