08 Aug 2017

Hello – Let’s talk Tech For Good

By Dama Sathianathan

Hi everyone,

I’m Dama and I recently joined the ranks of BGV as Communications Manager.

I previously worked in the international development sector, using digital and data for good. I currently co-organise the ICT4D London meetup (with the wonderful Dr. Ronda Zelezny-Green) as well as the OpenCharity meetup with a lovely bunch of digital professionals. As you might be able to tell, I am quite enthusiastic about the potential of doing good by using technology. So I am excited to be part of BGV and join forces with the wider Tech for Good community.

As a relative newbie to the funding side of the tech for social good sector, I’ve come across the stellar work BGV does at many of the Tech for Good meetup events they run with CAST; be it as cheerleaders of a growing Tech for Good community, or hearing stories about some of the amazing startups they have supported and continue to support.

One of the qualities that struck me about BGV is how integral it is to their mission to invest in people with great ideas and provide them with the scope to explore, learn and iterate. Now that sounds very fluffy, but the reality is that BGV applies a rigorous framework to assess the potential of people’s ideas to become massively successful companies that deliver huge social impact, adding a congruent element of sustainability to it. Paired with the expertise the growing community has to offer, BGV has established its role on the forefront of early investors in supporting these startups. Having worked on Tech for Good initiatives in the international development sector, where projects tend to be dumped on an ever-growing pile of ‘ambitious ideas that run out of money to adapt/iterate/scale/continue’, it is really refreshing to see genuine ambition for the large scale change we want to see in people’s lives, by building trust, relationships and investing in companies that can truly achieve that.

True to BGV’s nature, I am quite happy to join a team that continues to evolve and doesn’t shy away from asking critical questions on the practicality of using tech to address social and environmental issues. With a growing community of Tech for Good enthusiasts, we are at good vantage point to reflect and refine the concepts of responsible Tech for Good and celebrate the success stories along the way.

I couldn’t have chosen a better time to join, as BGV grows and plans to explore new ways for people to connect and share their #TechForGood stories. So join us at the Tech for Good meetups, drop me a line to say hello and let’s talk how to make Tech for Good accessible to all. If you’re part of the BGV community already, I look forward to getting to know you and work with you!