23 Aug 2018

Introducing Milly – our newest member of the team

By Milly Shotter

Hi everyone, I’m Milly and I’m excited to be able to say I’ll be working with BGV for the next six months as their latest member of the communications team. If you’re interested in how I got here, please do read on…

The first 19 years of my life were spent in the north east of England, specifically Durham. While a quick google of my home city will render postcard perfect cathedral and river imagery, I craved a place where there was more going on. I had my sights set on a degree at London College of Fashion and a career in fashion styling. Cue a move to the capital.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the visually and conceptually engaging aspect of fashion, I quickly found myself interested in exploring projects using a less ethically frivolous attitude. This is where, I now realise, the seed of my desire began to grow – to work within a company and on projects that have environmental and/or social impact at their core.

The two years post university saw me begin working on my own sustainable fashion project 360 Curated, while a role within a digital creative agency allowed me to further build on my experience in marketing, communications and production. However, a move to work with Sharmadean Reid MBE on her newly founded company Beautystack was the key stepping stone in to the world of start-ups. My interest in this scene grew, and combined with my passion to focus on ethically engaged projects/companies led me to the discovery of Bethnal Green Ventures.

The couple of weeks I’ve been here so far have only served to further grow my admiration of this organisation and the surrounding sector. From hearing about how ahead of the curve the inception of BGV was, to witnessing the high level expertise each team member brings. The supportive, welcoming and ambitious company culture also reflects my experience so far with the wider tech for good community.

Supporting mostly on communications has so far seen me involved in our WorkerTech project which will be a combination of events and content launched to encourage solutions to the massive inequality in the jobs market. While BGV’s commitment to gender equality means I have the privilege of leading on creating a series of content themed ‘Females in Tech for Good,’ so stay tuned for that coming over the following months. If you feel you have anything to contribute to either of these projects then I would love to hear from you, you can get in touch with me here 🙂

Finally in terms of longer term goals and interests, once this incredible 6 month placement with BGV comes to an end, I aim to combine my learnings by looking to work with tech start-ups specificalling in the creative industry however with that all important impact focus.

So in the spirit of collaboration and community please feel free to drop me an email to chat about any of the above mentioned projects or interests at milly@bethnalgreenventures.com. Otherwise I hope to meet you soon, perhaps even at one of our fantastic Tech for Good meetups… (you see, in communications we never miss an opportunity for a plug!)