20 Dec 2018

Meet Catherine – BGV’s newest member

By Catherine Barker

Hi everyone,

I’m Catherine and I’m very excited to have joined the BGV team a few weeks ago as Head of Finance.

A bit about how I got here, I grew up in London and studied at Bristol University before joining EY where I trained to become a Chartered Accountant. A few friends from EY left to start up their own businesses and hearing their stories got me really interested in early stage startups and I begun to look for one to join.

I came across, what was at the time, a little known food delivery business called Deliveroo and given my love of food and the plans for the company, I decided it would be a great move. I worked with them for three years and gained great experience in setting up and scaling the finance function and saw the business grow enormously, it was a very exciting place to work.

I found out about BGV through one of the portfolio companies, Birdsong, which I came across as I became interested in the sustainability and origins of the things I buy. When the opportunity came up at BGV it seemed like a great way to combine my interests in tech, sustainability and my desire to work with lots of different startups.

There has been lots going on since I started, with Demo Day in my first week which gave me the chance to see the exciting startups coming out of the Autumn cohort.

Looking forward to meeting the BGV community and what is to come in 2019!  Feel free to drop me an email if there is anything I can help with or if you have any questions about me.