07 Aug 2020

Navigating EIS Funds with Hardman & Co

By Milly Shotter

The world of SEIS and EIS funds is a varied one, with many managers and approaches. As a financial advisor or independent investor, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

That’s where it can be useful to have the expert eye of an ‘independent researcher.’

Hardman & Co are leading independent investment researchers. Alongside other activities, they review and report on tax-efficient funds like ours. They’ve been running for 25 years, so they know their way around an SEIS or EIS Fund.

For example, having recently reviewed our Tech For Good SEIS & EIS Fund, they noted that: “There are very few ESG options in the EIS fund sector and very few accelerator programmes: the intersection is genuinely unique.” You can see the full report here.

To help make the world of SEIS and EIS more accessible (and engaging) Hardman & Co recently launched a podcast – The EIS Navigator.

We were delighted to have BGV feature as one of the very first episodes. Our CEO Paul Miller chatted to Dr Brian Moretta, Head of Tax-Enhanced Research, about accelerators and social impact. Listen to the full discussion below.


If you’d like to talk to us about the SEIS & EIS Fund we run, reach out to us here.